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Stephan Jäschke »Biro«

Stephan Jäschke »Biro«

45 EUR
Stephan Jäschke »Biro« - 0
Stephan Jäschke »Biro« - 1
Stephan Jäschke »Biro« - 2
Stephan Jäschke »Biro« - 3
Stephan Jäschke »Biro« - 4
Stephan Jäschke »Biro« - 5
Stephan Jäschke »Biro« - 6
Stephan Jäschke »Biro«
45 EUR
high altitude flightz
nasty shoes
mega attitudes
Zero coke
luxury blingyblingbling
extremely now n low
totally fresh
last night city fight
too many bills
hot champagne in the bathtub
kiss me kiss him kiss her
cigarettes in the caviar
don’t worry
just do it
and again

10 drawings by Stephan Jäschke, size A4
1. Edition of 50 copies, signed and numbered, 2018
Risograph printed by We make it (Berlin)
Forms A+B

Forms A+B

25 EUR
Forms A+B - 0
Forms A+B - 1
Forms A+B - 2
Forms A+B - 3
Forms A+B
25 EUR
»Forms A+B« is a series of two two art prints by Moritz Grünke.

Each one is 29.7x42cm, risograph printed in 4 colors (bright red, burgundy, yellow & medium blue) on a 100 g/sqm Werkdruck paper in an edition of 60 copies. The prints are numbered and signed.
House with Sculture

House with Sculture

15 EUR
House with Sculture - 0
House with Sculture - 1
House with Sculture - 2
House with Sculture
15 EUR
This art print is an appetizer for the upcoming book we publish in cooperation with Josephin Ritschel.
It’s a 5 colour Risograph print in an edition of 100 copies, numbered and signed by Josephin.

Size 20 ✕ 27,5 cm (7,9 ✕ 10,8") on 150 g/m² Werkdruck 2.0 rough (acid free)


34.90 EUR
Tragovi - 0
Tragovi - 1
Tragovi - 2
Tragovi - 3
Tragovi - 4
Tragovi - 5
Tragovi - 6
34.90 EUR

Format: 25×20 cm (folded), 20×70 cm (folded out)
36 fold out pages, 1 color Riso printed
1st edition of 150 (sold out) · 2nd edition of 150
by Gloria Glitzer and Sergej Vutuc, 2015

Tragovi exists like the shimmering relic of some shamanistic ritual or communion with the divine. The Risograph printed, fold-out pages open up to unveil several possible readings of a single image. The relationships between the pulsating images continually metamorphose as a result. New meaning is assigned to a conventional world that is forced upon us from the moment of birth. An alternative view is proposed. We are invited to engage in a reawakening; to consider new interpretations of everything around us. With multi-layered images that obscure with the same power as they reveal, Tragovi challenges a defunct, tired state of consciousness. These pictures persist in our memory and linger in our minds as if to demand of us if we’re actually awake or only existing in a dream.

Included skaters: Shingo Ogura, Laurence Keefe, Katsumi Minami, Seimi Miyahara, Honda, Valerie Rosomako, Malte Spitz, Nils Brauer, Louis Taubert, Koichiro Uehara, Fritz Mead, Jon Nguyen, Ryan Kehrer, Maoz Trudler, Hannes Schilling.