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Čista Zona

35 EUR

photography by Sergej Vutuc

artists’ book: 20✕28cm, 48 pages,
risograph printed in black, screen printed cover
first edition: 400 copies, 2016

We make it is a Risograph print studio, a library and exhibition space based in Berlin dedicated to artists, designers and people who love excellent and handcrafted printed matter.

We make it is a project by Franziska Brandt und Moritz Grünke who also founded Gloria Glitzer, a small press for artists books, in 2007. Since then they published lots of artzines, attends at many art(ists’) book fairs all over Europe and curated several exhibitions on self-publishing artists.

At We make it Franziska and Moritz provide their knowledge and experience to help people to get their zines, books and other printed matter published.